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Better Egg Color
Better Nether Wart
Better Powders and Dusts
Better Pressure Plates
Black Blackstone
Blacker Netherite
Brown Leather
Chinese Lanterns
Chiseled Faces
Cleaner Shulkers
Concrete Bricks
Creamier Milk
Dye Bowls
Glass Doors and Trapdoors
Hexagonal Prismarine Bricks
Itemless Item Frame
Lapis Enchanting Table
Nether Portal Ender Chest
Netherite Lodestone
Paint Buckets
Purple Ender
Realistic Coal
Rockier Stone Tools
Round Logs
Sea Pickle Candles
Seamless Glass
Small Uniform Bricks
Smoother Bedrock
Textless TNT
Unique Melon and Pumpkin Items
Unique Processed Ores
Unique Sea Pickle Item
Whole Pumpkin Pie
Wood To Bark
Animated Selector Arrows
Furnace Animations
Connected Gold and Diamond Blocks
Connected Logs
Connected Polished Stones
Connected Sea Lanterns
Connected Spawners
Black Elytra
Blue Elytra
Brown Elytra
Cyan Elytra
Ender Dragon Elytra
Gray Elytra
Green Elytra
Light Blue Elytra
Light Gray Elytra
Lime Elytra
Magenta Elytra
Orange Elytra
Phantom Elytra
Pink Elytra
Purple Elytra
Red Elytra
Vanilla Extract Elytra
White Elytra
Yellow Elytra
Boat Oar Fix
Bone Colored Bonemeal
Bonemeal Colored Bones
Consistent Blaze Items
Consistent Door Items
Consistent Mooshroom Eyes
Consistent Zombie
Crimson Nylium Top Fix
Heart Particle Fix
Off-Center Fix
Redstone Dust Fix
Reverse Glistering Melon
Crimson To Tyrian
Really Short Swords
Stick Trident
Lower Fire
No Enchantment Glint
Short Swords
Sliced Swords
Back Tools
Bow Charge Indicator
Outlined Armor
Outlined Wool
Text Icons
Visual Enchantment Books
Visually Stacked Items